2018 5th June

Topics discussed, with number of votes:

(10) What do you think of Microsoft buying GitHub?

(10) Github?

(10) Microsoft GitHub aquisition? Good thing or bad thing?

(10) Do you estimate well?

(10) What is your logging strategy when running in production?

(10) Thoughts on AWS Lambda / Azure Functions / FaaS?

(8) Webpack, Gulp, Browserify. So much choice. Which do you use if any and why?

(8) Microservices. How do you communicate between internal services? Queues / HTTP / Other?

(7) I’m lazy, tell me about dotnet core 2.1.

(6) Core 2.1 Span anyone used it?

(6) How do you pin down a minimum viable product from an idea?

(6) Serializer design / archictecture? PIDGIN?

(6) Distributed filesystems on kubernetes, e.g. GlusterFS? CEPH? Running on AKS?

(6) Docker + Kubernetes. Relationship to Azure?

(2) Using Enterprise Application Block style exception handling.