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Welcome to Brighton ALT.NET!


Brighton ALT.NET is a monthly get together for anyone interested in C# and .NET development. We meet at The Skiff on the first Tuesday of every month at 7.30 pm. It's free. There's no need to register or book, just turn up.

It's very informal. Usually around ten to twenty people turn up. We have a pile of post-it notes and at the beginning of the evening we write down stuff we'd like to talk about. We then vote on the topics and talk about them in descending vote order, 15 minutes per question until 9 and then 5 minutes per question until the end. We are usually finished by 9.30.

It's a really friendly crowd and everyone is welcome.

The next meeting is on Tuesday January 2nd 2017 at 7.30 pm at The Skiff.

The address is: The Skiff, 30 Cheapside, Brighton BN1 4GD. But the entrance is in Blackman Street (Just off Trafalgar St below the station).

This site is administered by Mike Hadlow, please contact brighton.altnet@suteki.co.uk for more information.

Meetup.com page is here https://www.meetup.com/Brighton-ALT-NET/.

Previous Meetings


5th December
7th November
3rd October
5th September
1st August
4th July
6th June
2nd May
4th April (show 'n' tell)
7th March
7th February
3rd January


6th December
1st November
4th October
6th September
2nd August
5th July
7th June
3rd May
5th April
1st March (show and tell)
2nd February
5th January


1st December
3rd November
6th October
1st September (show and tell)
4th August
7th July
2nd June
5th May
7th April
3rd March (show and tell)
3rd February
6th January


2nd December
4th November
7th October
2nd September (show and tell)
4th August
1st July
3rd June
6th May
1st April
4th March
4th February
7th January


3rd December
5th November
1st October
3rd September (shown and tell)
6th August
2nd July
6th June
7th May
2nd April
5th March
5th February
1st January


18th December Christmas Party
4th December
6th November
2nd October
4th September (show and tell)
7th August
3rd July
5th June
1st May
3rd April
6th March
7th February
3rd January


6th December
1st November
4th October
6th September
2nd Aug
5th July
7th June
3rd May (show and tell)
5th April
1st March
1st February. (show and tell)
4th January


7th December
2nd November
5th October
7th September


Please create an account for yourself using the link on the left and leave a few details about yourself below. Creating an account also means that you will get an email notification of the next meeting each month.

Mike Hadlow Freelance .NET Developer, Architect and Blogger blog @mikehadlow

Iain Holder .NET Developer http://twitter.com/iainholder

Keith Bloom, Freelance .Net developer blog @keith_bloom

Graham Scott .NET Developer Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/grahamscott

Mark Perry .NET Developer

Steve Mason Senior .NET Developer

Mark Harrison .NET Developer http://twitter.com/harrisonmeister

Michelle Steele .NET/C++ Developer blog http://twitter.com/octoberclub

Dave Morrow .NET Developer blog

Mike Hook .NET Developer blog twitter

Andrew Cherry Developer/Architect http://xyncro.com/ http://twitter.com/kolektiv

Garry Shutler Developer blog twitter

Paul Hadfield Senior .NET Developer blog twitter

Iain Partington .NET Developer http://twitter.com/ipartington

Julian Samuel Freelance .NET Developer http://www.juliansamuel.co.uk/

Duncan Goodall .NET Developer http://twitter.com/duncangoodall

Stamati-Crook Microsoft CRM and Sage 50 developer also interested in SMS/EPUB/DRUPAL http://www.redware.com/

Marc Ziman Architect/Developer http://flat9.wordpress.com/ http://twitter.com/marcziman

Simon Harriyott .NET Developer Contractor http://harriyott.com/ @harriyott

Steve Moss ASP.NET developer, Kentico CMS implementation http://www.appetere.com/

Paul Hazells .NET Developer / Contractor http://twitter.com/paul_bitsprint

James Cowan Freelance Developer http://www.jamescowan.org.uk/

Paul Taylor AngularJS, .NET, SQL Server and DotNetNuke Developer / Contractor https://uk.linkedin.com/in/dotcomsoftware

Patrick Hastings .Net Developer WPF/MVC/Nhibernate http://www.brighthelmsolutions.com/ http://uk.linkedin.com/in/pathastings

James Bradshaw Freelance .NET Developer @jamesbradshaw

Jay Kannan, A Microsoft technologies enthusiast and Video Game developer. @JayKannan

Andrew Hancox Senior Web Developer http://uk.linkedin.com/in/andrewdchancox

Anthony Johnston .NET Developer http://antix.co.uk/

John Clynes Technical Director http://www.15below.com/

Andrew Jutton - .Net Developer http://blog.devscrum.net/

Antony Koch - Senior .Net Developer http://twitter.com/brightoniant http://iamkoch.com/

Kim Richmond - Freelance .NET Developer and occasional Code Retreat organiser http://twitter.com/lethrir

Steven Spencer - .Net Developer WPF/MVC/EF currently looking at NopCommerce

Steve Johnstone - .Net Developer and Project Manager http://twitter.com/stevejstone http://www.stejay.com/

Goncalo Melo - .NET Developer http://twitter.com/bonesbrigadier

Martyn Osborne - Support http://www.15below.com / Web Developer (MVC/jQuery/EF) http://twitter.com/zzdtri

Jonathan Sewell - .NET Developer at Cubeworks  - Twitter and Blog

Karl Nilsson - .NET Developer twitter blog

Gavin Draper .Net Developer http://twitter.com/gavdraper

Rob Kent - idler, contractor, contrarian. http://robkent.com http://proofbydesign.com Twitter

Jonathan Archibald - .Net Developer http://twitter.com/jonarchibald http://www.brightwave.co.uk/blog-authors/jonathan

John Harman - .NET and front end contractor http://twitter.com/digi4life personal blog

Michael Marshall - .Net Developer http://twitter.com/BtnMike

Ian Thomson - .Net enthusiast http://www.anaapps.com

Rich Green - Umbraco CMS Developer http://www.umbrellainc.co.uk http://twitter.com/richie_green

Kevin O'Shaughnessy - Senior Application Developer at Quartix blog outlier developer guest blog LinkedIn Twitter

Dave Mateer - .NET Developer for Quorum Network Resources http://www.qnrl.com http://www.programgood.net https://twitter.com/dave_mateer http://www.github.com/djhmateer

John Dillon - .NET Developer, NopCommerce http://www.accu-web.co.uk

Scott Lawson - .NET Developer & MD at Trackpal http://www.trackpal.co.uk

Steve Hughes - .NET Developer http://www.ubersteve.com

Lyubomir Velchev Software Engineer & .Net Developer, Contractor http://www.velchev.co.uk

James World Independent .NET Developer, Architect and Blogger blog company @jamesw0rld linked in

Dave Hinton - .NET Developer for Quorum Network Resources http://www.qnrl.com

Ian Thomas .NET Developer, TUI Education blog @ianthomas_uk linked in

Arijus Gilbrantas .Net Developer @arijusg linked in
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