Brighton ALT.NET

A monthly meetup for C# and .NET developers in Brighton

Brighton ALT.NET is back! Please see the Meetup page for more info


Brighton ALT NET is a monthly get together for anyone interested in C# and .NET development. We meet at The FMG Project on the second Thursday of every month at 7.15 pm. It's free. There's no need to register or book, just turn up. We've been going for around ten years.

It's very informal. Usually around ten to twenty people turn up. We have a pile of post-it notes and at the beginning of the evening we write down stuff we'd like to talk about. We then vote on the topics and talk about them in descending vote order, 15 minutes per question until 9 and then 5 minutes per question until the end. We are usually finished by 9.30.

It's a really friendly crowd and everyone is welcome.

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The FMG Project

The address is:

The FMG Project,
24 Kensington Street,


The second Thursday of every month.

See the Meetup page for details about our next event


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