2018 1st May

Topics discussed, with number of votes:

(7) Databases in 2018. What to use with Core on Linux?

(6) What’s the current thinking on relational vs No-SQL?

(5) Function As A Service (FAAS) OpenFaas, Functions on containers.

(5) Good uses for the Polly NuGet library.

(5) Any frameworks to do ETL in C#? How was your experience?

(4) Has anyone quit over using old technology?

(4) Do you dream about work?

(4) Favorite News Websites? E.G. Hacker News, Hanselman.com, Conery.io, Reddit/t/kubernetes.

(4) Bringing new devs into a team without quality suffering.

(3) Build 2018. Any idea what’s going to be announced?