2018 3rd April

Topics discussed, with number of votes:

(8) Do you still use IOC?

(7) Should numeric IDs be represented as strings or integers?

(8) Are you creating/running a distributed system in production? How do you keep data in sync?

(6) Are you really doing Domain Driven Design?

(5) Is anyone running Docker with Windows containers in production? How’s it working out?

(5) What tips and tricks do you have for remote working?

(4) What does “full stack developer” mean to you?

(4) How many monitors do you use? What do you want to use (size)?

(3) How do access the file system from inside a container?

(3) Where is the appropriate place to use reflection?

(3) What localisation tools/libraries does everyone use? Mostly language related.

(1) Running Wordpress on Kubernetes on AKS.

(1) OWIN Middleware vs WebApi Delegating Handlers? What’s best for logging, auth etc?