2017 5th September

Topics discussed (with votes)

6. What's the most informative blog series you've read?

6. How are you building & deploying your .NET core applications?

6. Who has moved their app to Core 2.0?

5. Will Web Assembly eventually mean we can use C# in the browser?

5. I have a docker container. How do I get it retrieve passwords and connection strings?

5. Anyone used .NET on Linux?

4. PDF reports. How do we create them these days? Crystal Reports?

4. If a string is returned from a function is immediately chained .ToList(), is the string stored in the same way as if I had used a variable?

4. Can someone explain 'shadow DOM' to me?

3. How to stop a poison RabbitMQ message being retried endlessly?

3. How can I compile my multi-solution visual studio project into one DLL.

2. Service Workers and Progressive Web Apps. What are they?

2. Material Design, what is it?

2. Are the SOLID principles relevant to FP?