2017 6th June

Topics discussed (with votes)

10. Has anyone used mutation testing and is there a good .NET framework for doing this?

10. What are your top 5 technologies for the enterprise?

8. Swagger? Does this mean that ReST is dead?

7. Config files that are complex. How would you fix this problem when you have many deployment environments?

6. What's the best way (or ways) to integrate remote workers into a mostly in-office team?

5. VS Code? JetBrains Rider? Has anyone experimented with alternative IDEs?

5. React JS and Visual Studio / VS Code. Have you got it working? How are you doing it?

5. Python (the language) - a useful next language to learn?

4. Any alternatives to SignalR?

4. Imagine you have a ten times increase in the number of CSV files in your console app to import to SQLServer. What is the simplest next step?