2016 5th July

What we talked about (with number of votes) ...

13. How do you bridge functional and OO code?

11. For a business rule that is enforced in multiple places (e.g. UI, API, database sprocs). How you tell a future developer all the places go to make a change?

11. Silicon valley interns have staring salaries between $6K and $10K per month. Do the highest salaries mean you get the best developers?

10. Would you trust a self drive car? Does it matter what language the software is written in?

9. "The junior developers won't understand it." Is this a valid excuse for anything?

8. Do you like WebAPI? Is the whole concept of 'controller' just wrong?

7. SOAP or WebAPI?

6. Will leaving the EU affect your job? What tech skills are required post Brexit?

6. How to you avoid stagnating in an ever changing .NET landscape?

5. What is the contracting market like? Is now a good time to contract?

5. Anyone interested in Angular 2? Or Angular Universal? Or Meteor?