2016 5th April

Topics discussed (with votes):

15 How deliberately do you manage your career? And how do you go about it?

12 What is the most interesting security vulnerability you've created / encountered?

11 Ubuntu and bash on Windows 10.

11 How to handle database schema updates, including deletions? SSDT? Fluent? Handwritten scripts?

10 VS 2015 Preview contains local functions and pattern matching in C#. Is C# trying to copy F# too much?

10 What is the contract market like at the moment for non-Angular .NET developers outside of London, i.e. Brighton and its environs?

9 Entity Framework: How do you handle your dbContext in your web app?

9 Do you have a bias to eager or lazy loading (EF)

8 Is it just vanity to aim for 100% test coverage? Does this high level of testing actually help?

7 How to allow for clock skew in distributed systems?

7 What is the best way to protect / licence an application installed on client servers? Tools?