2016 2nd February

Topics discussed, ordered by votes.

11. What is the best way to keep data synchronised between two databases.

10. All code in one repository? Pros and cons?

9. Complex javascript client and server (node) plus modules.

9. Have you ever experienced test induced damage?

9. I read an article making the argument that the lack of devs in part due to low status that software development as a profession has. But with so many "heros", "warriors", "rock stars", "superstars" and "ninjas", are we our own worst enemies?

7. Catching unhandled exceptions when using OWIN looks easy - but what about the gotchas?

7. What's the best way to structure a large software team? Horizontal or vertical?

7. How do you bring new developers on your team up to speed with your project?

6. How do you get up to speed when joining an existing project?

6. Project Euler, fractals, MVC5, CRUD, ETL Importer? Suggestions for refactoring code demo.

3. Does anyone use VIM? Let's share our favourite VIM feature!