2015 6th October

Mike Hadlow hosted. Topics discussed this month (with number of votes):

25 Why and when to use NoSQL?

22 Angular 1.0, Angular 2.0, Aurelia, React, Aarggh! Which one to choose?

20 Are feature tests more important than unit tests?

18 Advantages of self-hosting a web application rather than deploying to IIS.

15Anyone doing Microservices? If so, why? What benefits over say, Service Bus?

13 Reporting - suitable tools for end user reporting on a complex schema.

12 Any tips on getting contract work in Brighton

12 Is F# a good strategy / career direction?
Summary was that F# is a great language to learn
https://projecteuler.net/ Euler

12 Apart from giving my developers time at work, how do I train people?

12 You have no budget, but want to move towards a service bus. What do you use? MassTransit?

10 Why do you stay in your job?