2015 4th August

Topics (with number of votes) discussed this month:

11. Strategies for keeping up with what's new.

11. Are 'layers' the best way to organise code within a codebase.

11. How big is your solution?

11. Can you write good C# with only static methods?

10. Can you help me understand OWIN?

Good introductory video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50Nqom-Zpuo

10. Contract vs Permanent?

10. MVC Fluent validation vs Angular validation with MVC vs Alternatives.

9. If you were to suddenly become independently wealthy, would you still code?

5. How useful is an IQuery interface?

5. Hosting an internal NuGet server. Anyone done it?

4. ActiveMQ.NMS sending XML question.

3. Interacting with ActiveDirectory programatically. Powershell all the way down?