2015 6th January

Testing asynchonous methods (James World)

Here is the link to Jon Skeet's time machine:

TimeMachine for unit testing

I mentioned using Rx to test async methods. This blog post talks about how async testing is done in Rx:

Testing Rx Queries using Virtual Time testing

This SO answer I wrote talks about the challenges of unifying Rx and TPL async testing, and provides some useful code for combining the two:

TPL + Rx Testing

SQL Maintenance Jobs

sp_Blitz® – Free SQL Server Health Check Script DaveM - this apparently is very good, but needs high privilege, adding objects to the db in order to work. Be careful.

Maintenance links I was talking about are: (flip me an email if you want to chat to the guys that wrote these pages) http://www.qnrl.com/sql_links




http://www.dddsouthwest.com/ - 25th April 2015


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