2015 1st December

Topics discussed this week, with votes cast:

12 Composite Roots for Microservices or SOA. What is the best method for UI MVC Angular or other.
ESB?, MVC Areas?

11 Microsoft recommends you build applications as 32-bit. What are the exceptions. When should you build as 64-bit or (Any CPU)

10 How to deal with an old DB Schema when your application is evolving and you can't change it?
Move data to reporting, Linq-to-DB?

10 Is design and architecture a career choice if you don't want to do managing?

9 What the difference between React and Angular2.
Virtual DOM. Meteor dbclient - Rob Conery

9 Anyone used ReactJS or RXJS?
RxJS - Observables. Ported from Rx.

9 Is anyone considering using Azure Logic Apps?
like BizTalk? Good Hanselman video

9 How do you code review large features?
Coding practices conform to. NDepend. Sonarcube. Pair program. Pre code review.

8 Microservices How do you identify process boundaries when splitting up a monolithic app

7 What should my job title be? I don't develop! Am I a technical architect?

7 Is it an anti-pattern to use branches in an OWIN pipeline?

7 What documentation do you produce especially before projects start? High Level Design. Service Design Document?

4 Anyone played around with Angular 2 yet

4 Android development with Xamarin Studio. Is it a good idea?

4 How do you do SEO on dynamic js content.
careful of serving special content to search engines.

3 How to commercialise business applications?
Become a though leader in that area. Blog. Don't sell it too cheap. £1k per month

3 Static site generators for hosting a blog on gitpages like Hexo or Hugo
Look at Mads Kristensen's blogging engine https://github.com/madskristensen/MiniBlog