2014 7th October

Discussions included:

Automated Build, Test, Deploy from GitHub to Azure

Try hooks in Azure to GitHub

Mike Hadlows simple nodeJS trigger/hook that pulls from GitHub to webserver when there is a new commit and deploys


TeamCity here



Asp.net vNext thoughts and opinions

- This covered the multi-platform nature of the new asp.net, and the reasons for Microsoft's change in direction (the declining desktop market and weak market share of the mobile market). It covered homebrew, Microsoft's acquisition of Minecraft, Vim and the upcoming mono linux ultra high performance server.

How to add a CI process on to GitHhub checkins?

IIS vs Self hosted?

IIS offers a range of services - if these are useful to you then it can make sense to use IIS. Some examples are the built in facility for monitoring and recycling applications, URL rewriting and authentication handling.

A number of standard operations management platforms (not just Microsoft's own Systems Center Operation Manager suite) offer rich functionality for managing and deploying IIS applications. There's also Azure's native support. If you self-host you are on your own here.

Another key point is that IIS runs pretty close to the metal these days, and in either case you are using the kernel mode http.sys drivers - so self host is not guaranteed to be faster than IIS, it depends on what you are doing.

One reason not to use IIS would be if you didn't want to use Windows at all.

Another is that sticking to self-hosted options and avoiding an IIS dependency can make testing easier to manage - although with the advent of IIS Express, Owin and Powershell this is far less of a problem than it used to be.

When should a C# team adopt F#?

A question raised following this earlier discussion on twitter: when to adopt new tech

Haskell came up and http://learnyouahaskell.com/

And Mark Seemanns article on SOLID - Functional here

Is Red Gate's investment in Octopus Deploy a good or a bad thing?

A discussion following last week's news: Redgate octopus deploy investment

Monads and why they are so hard to explain

Mike Hadlow answered this with a brief overview and telling us about his blog series Monads in C#

OAuth2 and Open ID Connect

auth0.com was recommended Thinktecture identity was discussed

Anaemic domain models?

What's the most complex domain you've ever worked in?

What is the hardest interview question you've ever been asked or asked a candidate?

Answers included: How does Parse.Int work? (It's NOT a big case statement!) How does a keyboard work followed by repeated requests for more detail until the movement of electrons were detailed!

Blog Engines - which do you use?

Ghost was mentioned several times and considered a lot faster than Wordpress Wordpress was mentioned for ease of use and the high number of plugins Blogger and Medium were also mentioned