2013 3rd September

This month's session is part of Brighton Digital Festival. Rather than our regular semi-organised open conference format, we are holding a show-and-tell evening. This is a series of short, 20 minute, talks by our members. The lineup is as follows:

Kim Richmond: Graph Databases in Neo4J

Graph databases allow us to store and represent data along with relationships which we can then explore. I'll be giving you a tour of Neo4J and demonstrating some of the powerful features of graph databases and seeing how you can use them to power applications.

David Arno: Code Club

What is Code club? Why is it important to teach kids to program? And how can you get involved? I'll give a whistle-stop tour of the philosophy of Code Club, the Scratch programming language and offer advice on setting up your own club at a local primary school.

Anthony Johnston: myXI.co, a team editor.

28.7 million people worldwide now follow football clubs on Twitter

Ronaldo has more than 20 million twitter followers and 60 million facebook friends

.. but who cares, this is about an app which fully describes its state in an enormous URL, which can be posted on social networks - no database required

Mike Hadlow: SocSnap, A Raspberry Pi and Twitter based social photo device.

This little project is a way to bring people together at an event, or at a particular geographic location. SocSnap will be set up all evening, so there will be plenty of time to have a hands-on play with it. The talk will describe what it's intended to do, how it was put together, and some lessons learnt from developing a kiosk style device for the Raspberry Pi.