2012 4th September

The September the 4th ALT.NET Beers will be part of Brighton Digital Festival. We are presenting 6 15 minute sessions by our members on cool stuff they've been doing.


19.30 Welcome and introduction.

19.40 EasyNetQ a simple .NET API for RabbitMQ. Mike Hadlow (The code I showed is here)

20.00 Javascript Emulators Kim Richmond

20.20 Raspberry PI and .Net - Running under mono of course. Michael Steele

20.40 ZeroMQ A whirlwind tour of this messaging library which is based on socket communication. Keith Bloom

21.00 MongoDB Eat the Document: a short introduction to MongoDB and its C# driver. Rob Kent (sample code from my presentation)

21.20 Using the OpenXml SDK to create Microsoft Office documents on the server Steve Moss

21.40 End.