2012 1st May

14 Dependency Injection, is it a code smell when there are a large number of constructor arguments?

Hadi also has a resharper plugin that helps with this. http://hadihariri.com/2012/04/09/dealing-wht-the-too-many-dependencies-problem/

13 What Javascript productivity tools do people use?

12 Message Queue vs Database. See Mike Hadlow's blog: http://mikehadlow.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/database-as-queue-anti-pattern.html

11 EF vs micro ORMs? e.g. Dapper, Simple.Data, Peta Poco

10 .NET hosting, who is good, who to avoid. http://memset.com got recommended.

9 I need suggestions for data transformation / mapping when importing data.

9 Let's talk about Approval Tests. (a new way of unit testing)

http://approvaltests.sourceforge.net/ http://herdingcode.com/?p=329 http://blog.approvaltests.com/ (well worth reading all articles IMO!)

8 Has anyone used alternatives to Knockout? e.g. Angular, Mustache.

7 Common problems with developing a web-app for an Arabic client.

7 Learning F#. Quick and easy way of getting started?

6 What have you decided not to learn?

Questions which we didn't have time for

5 Entity Framework code first DB migrations - good or evil?

4 Azure service bus publish and subscribe pattern using ???

4 Why would you use SQL Azure?

4 Recommendations for an HTML ro PDF library

3 UI registration testing tools? (Silverlight, WPP, ASP.NET)

1 Can anyone recommend a good Brighton agency for mobile applications?