2012 3rd April

12. Good books or resources to learn C# from scratch?

11. Do we make enough use of Domain Events?

10. A good PDF generation library?

10. What tools do people use for configuration management? Especially for deploying config files to different environments

9. Single page applications using MVC4 Web API. How do you build the initial data for the page?
Hour Long demo by Steve Sanderson on Single Page Applications in MVC4 using Knockout.js, Upshot.js and WebAPI

8. What's going on at MS with the recent OSS announcements?

7. Single Sign On MVC style. Any reccomendations?

7. How to deal with Avatar type functionality in an MVC application?

7. Advice for managing out sourced developers

6. What is a coding architect?

5. Printing text from a browser at specific coordinates. CSS, PDF, other?

5. Anybody working on any open-source .NET projects?