2012 7th February

12. Entity Framework + Automapper. A happy marriage or a divorce?

12. Repository best practice. How big are your aggregate roots? Are all Eric Evans DDD guidelines still valid?

11. It is time for polyglot persistence?

10. Database in source control - How do you do it?

9. How do you drive technical changes?

9. Has any one used RequireJS?

9. Can anyone offer advice on how to integrate NHibernate into a legacy system?

8. Bootstrap CSS and HTML framework from Twitter. Anyone got any experiences?

7. Design documentation. Do you do it and how much?

4. Employee/Freelancer/Contractor/Owner - Which do you want to be?

2. Any good tools for generating VSDOC JavaScript Documentation

2. Trivial question. I have a multi tenanted application. I want to use one set of email credentials with multiple from domains. Possible?