2011 5th July

1 Anyone use BDD/Agile Acceptance Testing

This got answered by a web dev who was first time coming to our meetings,. He uses Cucumber and WaitIn to write scripting tests at the Web UI level. For him, There is no involvement from BAs or Testers and he found that disappointing. Some people recommended tools they had tried MSpec/specFlow/Fitnesse. There was a discussion on the difference between unit testing and BDD – BDD being a high level test that gets Business non-dev people involved in the discussion. The thought was they should cover the important business cases and should exercise code below the UI level in order to stop them being brittle.

2 How to Introduce TDD to a company

3 How to cope with large amount of technical debt (another question was asked along similar lines by someone later)

If you were there and I’ve forgotten anything or got something wrong please say!