2011 7th June

We really didn't rush this time, only got though four questions. Numbers are the number of votes that each topic got.

12. Windows 8. End of the line for WPF / SL?

12. Design Patterns. Which do you use? Which are now anti-patterns
We spent a lot of time talking about this, going through a list of the GoF patterns and discussing each one in turn.

12. When, and when not, to use the Repository Pattern?

9. Which features would you ask Erich Gamma to add to a future version of Visual Studio?
Seemed to be a general consensus that VS is slow and bloated. Although a lot of the discussion was on how Resharper slows things down.

What we didn't have time for.

8. Does open source reduce the opportunity to make a living from software development?

7. Does anyone have any advice regarding agile's use in their workplace?

7. .NET is good. C# is great. Why is WPF so bloody awful? And Winforms?

7. Beyond TDD. Experience with BDD? Any thoughts?

6. Making Lambdas easy for non-.NET people.

6. How do you do parsing?

4. Anyone used RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ, AMQP?

1. WWF 4.0?

1. Has unit testing had its day?

Memory stuff