2011 1st March

Mike Hadlow, the usual note taker, was ill for this meeting. These notes were compiled by Keith Bloom, please add and edit as necessary.

Thanks to Gareth for bringing some welsh cakes to celebrate St David's day.


In the order they were asked, with some brief notes for some.

Entity Framework - Does code first development work?
Redgate source control db
Everyone would like to know how best to use an ORM

What strategies do you use to avoid God objects in your domain?
Use a builder based on an interface to create those complex objects for you

Any experience with FubuMVC?

Anyone using Specflow or WaitN for testing?
Web application testing
Specflow is like cucumber in Ruby. It is a based on a DSL, called Gherkin, which compiles down to NUnit
Techpub has a free screencast on how they do functional testing
Fizzler is a DOM implementation in C#

ORM and Stored Procedure, any experiences?

Test data access any best practices?

Anyone used NServiceBus? Problems or considerations or potential issues MSDTC is a heavy weight process, try to avoid this in your Bus. MSMQ is not up to the job for big Enterprise. What will be coming on AppFabric?

What patterns do people use for wizard-style navigation?
Do not use Windows Workflow
Decision trees Navigator class\Supervising Controller to represent the path the request will go through