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We had a different format this time, six show and tell sessions:

  • Andrew Cherry - A simple server tool kit - a look at a little server written from scratch in .NET (Hopefully! Work etc. permitting...) The source will be opened up soon on Github, for now follow @socketmachine - announcements etc. will always be there from now on. Code will be published under the xyncro org on Github (https://github.com/xyncro) but be aware that there is nothing currently there now - this is intentional.
    Video is here

  • Jay Kannan - Simple Kinect Demo. Using the Kinect to control .NET applications. the demo concentrated on a Game Environment using the XNA platform and 3D physics for creating and bouncing bubbles around the screen. a long way to go to make it usable. the Kinect is clearly the best Augmented reality / motion control platform of choice for Kiosk makers and for public user interaction. look at the links below for more information.
  • Kinect Hacks
  • PrimeSense OpenNI this is the official library from the CHipset guys that I'm using
  • OpenKinect
  • Code Laboratories
    Video is here

  • Michael Steele - Netduino. Looking at SDK, getting LED to flash etc. before investing in shields.
  • blog My introductory blog for netduino - will update with the burglar alarm & operation game
    Netduino forum
    .Net Micro Framework
    tinyclr Fez community website - Another board running .Net Micro Framework
    Scott Hanselman Micro Framework/Netduino podcasts
    Build Brighton meet every Thursday at The Skiff to tinker with electronics.

       Also you can google or use youtube and search for arduino/netduino. There's loads of examples
Video is here

       If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to ask me either at a meeting or via twitter: @paulhazells

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