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Brighton ALT.NET - a meetup for C# and .NET developers in Brighton

Page discussion for Brighton ALT.NET - a meetup for C# and .NET developers in Brighton
Members2010/08/18 14:16 by Michelle Steele
This is great - now I can put names and twitterers to faces
Re: Members2010/08/18 14:33 by Administrator
I could enable file uploads for everyone, but that would have some nasty security implications (not there aren't anyway :) In the meantime, if anyone wants their picture put on their page, just send me a URL and I'll upload it.
Categories2010/08/19 11:17 by Paul Hadfield
Would it be possible to add a "Bio" category that all our Bios could be added to. Or is that my OCD kicking in again :)
DDD thoughts2012/03/16 15:24 by Marc Ziman
Hi all - I've not been able to come to meetings for a long time but I do still have some questions i'd like to discuss, so hopefully this is a good place for non-attendees to ask by proxy!

I've been thinking about the differences between the Anaemic domain model (dtos) vs Rich domain model.

With dtos you pass a dto to a service (for example).

With a rich domain model your model would have the method as part of its interface and you could delegate to a service in the implementation.

Dtos don't really need an interface because there are no alternate implementations and the assembly does not depend on any others.

Domain models do need interfaces because (aside from possible multiple implementations and TDD concerns) without interfaces there is the risk of cyclic dependancies - i.e. a domain object depends on a service interface and vice versa.

With this in mind do people think you could convert an anaemic domain model to a rich domain model by extracting interfaces from dtos, adding the required methods from the service interfaces and then delegating to services in the implementation?

Of course I'm assuming that service interface methods are suitably descriptive and that the resulting rich domain model will be an accurate description of the domain.
Looking for asp.net and MS SQL developer.2012/04/04 13:45 by BK TYLO
We are everycreative.com and we are looking for a lovely developer to help us take our brand to another level.

The original site was developed using asp.net and MS SQL.

Please please get in touch with us at www.everycreative.com

or contact me on my mobile 07960370465 email bktylo2002@yahoo.com.

Best regards,

Umbraco2012/04/19 00:03 by EL
Hello all,

I am new here so apologies for jumping straight in without meeting up personally but have a project or 2 to share. I was wondering if anyone has worked with Umbraco CMS before? Looking for someone with these skills as well as any leads on the alternatives if they are better? We have a few projects ready to drop so looking to either use Umbraco or something else as we have a clean slate to start the projects.

Kentico .NET2012/06/21 11:29 by Matthew Grenier
I'm looking for a .NET developer who could build a web site using a Kentico CMS. Is there anyone out there? Please mail me at matthew AT grenier.co.uk if you're interested, and I'll send you the site scope. Cheers
Looking for .NET developers and architect(s) - not an agency2012/08/02 10:12 by iamnotanagency


We are a national privately-owned company in the early stages of a major Microsoft .NET development project.

Our agile development team is based in Brighton and employs the very latest technologies, tools and methodologies (C#.NET MVC3/4 EF4.1/5 Mobile HTML5 CI/CD agile/scrum).

We are looking for a number of contract and permanent front-end and back-end .NET developers and architect(s) to work on a range of sophisticated internal line-of-business applications.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get in on the ground level of this project, with a chance to explore and apply new technologies within a dynamic and fun environment.

If you are interested in joining a great team at the early stage of an exciting and long-term greenfield project and working on the very leading edge then please email me at agileo@outlook.com.



Re: Looking for .NET developers and architect(s) - not an agency2012/08/03 13:06 by Rob Kent

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