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Christmas Party 18th December

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Christmas Party 18th December

This year's Christmas party will be at Pizza Express on Jubilee Street, the one next to the new library at 8pm. I've booked a table for 15, all are welcome!

Put your name down below if you want to come! If there's more than 15 people, I'll give Pizza Express a call and get a bigger table. Alternatively just: Tweet to @mikehadlow

  • Mike Hadlow
  • Mark Perry
  • Dave Morrow
  • Kim Richmond
  • Keith Bloom
  • Karl Nilsson
  • Paul Hadfield
  • Michael Steele
  • Andrew Cherry
  • Steve Moss
  • Gareth Budden
  • Simon Harriyott
  • Michael Marshall
  • Iain Partington
  • Duncan Goodall

Meet up at the North Laine Pub from 6pm for pre-meal drinks. See you there

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