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With MVC frameworks both client and server side are we drowning in infrastructure?

  • Felt that although they may be some legitimate use cases, MVC frameworks both client and server side was generally an anti-pattern.
  • Felt that there is another JavaScript Framework released every week. There is a desire for some consolidation

Visual Studio Code discussion: will it replace the main Visual Studio?

General opinion was that it would be used more for front end development work. The main advantage of it is that it is very fast. Enterprises are very unlikely to stop using the main Visual Studio product.

OWIN discussion

Are extension methods an anti-pattern for testing?

  • This referred to a blog post by Mark Seemann, probably this one: this one
  • Discussed problems with discoverability of extension methods
  • Mentioned Reactive Extensions

Build 2015 Highlights:

  • Nanoserver
  • Visual Studio 2015 with Code Lens in Professional version
  • HoloLens
  • Discussed how Microsoft is now much more outward facing, with cross platform features more aimed at Linux/Mac users than the traditional market

Discussion of F#, who is using it and what the benefits are.

  • Point made that more code density often results in less readability, however code in almost all languages can be written to either be readable or unreadable

Is there any point in using Docker for small scale applications?

  • Containers are very small and very fast virtual machines. Similar to Worker Roles in Azure.
  • Docker is a layer of abstraction above Linux containers

How would you feel about receiving a direct mail from your prospective employer on LinkedIn?

  • Most would give serious consideration to a well worded mail from an employer if they were looking for work
  • Most LinkedIn users feel that they receive too many poorly target mails, much of it considered spam

Discussion of Recruitment Agencies

What to use for Load Testing if you don't have Visual Studio Ultimate Edition?

  • Consensus was nothing else is as good, but Apache Workbench, Azure, and Selenium Server mentioned.

What as a developer attracts you to a particular job role? What is your ideal working environment?

  • The Joel Test
  • Flexi-Time
  • ReSharper
  • Pluralsight
  • Option to work from home
  • Getting on well with colleagues

Who's hiring and who's looking?

Based on this event, there are far more people looking to recruit than looking for work at the moment. Almost half the attendees are looking to hire. Brighton is a great place to live if you are a developer looking for a new role.

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