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5th January 2016

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Topics discussed this month:

  • Show 'n' tell in March? - General agreement about this. Already have two talks. Contact mike@suteki.co.uk if you want to do a talk.

  • What cyber security issues do developers find difficult?

  • The dangers of using a functional style in C#

  • How mathematical can computer science be?
    A book on Category Theory via cake recipes

  • Is Typescript to Javascript what C# is to IL?

  • Which is a good web hosting company for Windows websites?

  • Anyone used Azure Service Fabric beyond just trying it out?

  • Has anyone tried to get CoreClr working on Linux?

  • WebApp load testing, any tips?

James World discussed scalability testing and mentioned an interview on the Pluralsight podcast discussing his experiences running the UK Microsoft Performance and Scalability labs - you can find that interview here: Pluralcast 31

  • What are the best CI and continuous delivery tools?

  • Quantum computing! Discuss?
    I found this video on the DWave quantum computer. Fun stuff.

  • Anyone programmed mobile phones? Android, iOS, Windows phone?

  • What is the most efficient way of determining if a string value can be parsed to decimal, integer or datetime?

  • How hard is it to create malware? Anyone done it?

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