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5th April

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Another busy session with lots of great discussion. Here's what we talked about (the numbers are how many votes the topic got).

18. How do you optimise queries? Have you used Lucene?
We discussed Lucene and Solr as well as de-normalisation and CQRS.

14. Is automated browser testing any good? Selenium, Watir, Watin?

12. NoSQL / Object databases. What are they?
Mentioned Raven DB, Couch DB, DB4O, RDF Quad score.

12. Unit testing Javascript / jQuery.

12. What's the best MSQ? Is it MSMQ?
ZeroMQ, RavenMQ.

12. "Rules Engine", what do people mean when they use this term? Has anyone built one?
There seemed to be these approaches:
  • Internal DSL (using Boo or some other scripting language)
  • External DSL (writing your own Lexer/Parser)
  • Plug in components using MEF or similar.

11. Multi-forms in ASP.NET MVC?
How do you create composite UIs using MVC?

What we didn't have time for.

10. A good reason to use the repository pattern?

10. WCF Web API. Any experience or comments?

10. Do you write .NET generic code? How do you use it?

9. Does anyone here use VB.NET?

7. Recommend a good Javascript UI framework.

7. Has anyone used F# for anything practical? What was it?

1. Anyone using EpiServer CMS? XForms? Dynamic Data? Good things?

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