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Topics discussed with number of votes:

11. Should I learn category theory if I want to learn functional programming? If so, why?

9. How many companies doing .NET are there in Brighton? List started at Local .net employers

8. I'm a full time employee, what am I worth? Or, what is a fair salary?

8. I have inheited an app with a Redis backend. The API does all the filtering. Should I 'upgrade' to a real DB?

7. If C# and F# were launched today which one would you learn and use?

7. Is Grunt dead? Is Gulp dead? Are they worth learning?

7. What is the oldest technology / language you still have to look at?

3. VS Code? Anyone used it?

3. Should a frontside proxy be the default deployment strategy with .NET Core?

3. Where should you look for employer direct job adverts?

3. Patterns for object identifier creation and preservation.

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