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1st November 2016

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Our first meeting in the new Skiff. Topics discussed with number of votes:

15. As a .NET developer, how much do I need to know about DevOps?

14. How to think about and build very complex queries?

11. How do you rock an interview? Any tips?

10. If performance is not important, is there any reason to use release mode?

10. If you were asked to architect a greenfield enterprise web application, how would you do it?

10. Do you practice coding?

10. If developing an app for internal company use, is there any real advantage to web apps rather than WPF/WinForms?

9. Docker vs Service Fabric vs Google Cloud.

9. Should we be doing Interaction Driven Design instead of Domain Driven Design to work better with stateless web requests?

8. Tell me about Swagger.

6. Do you moonlight? For fun? For profit?

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